Mat Yoga, Aerial Yoga & Aerial Pilates/Fitness

Finding ways to live a life infused with nature happens in the somatic experience of body awareness and movement. The benefits from having a practice are many. From a physical perspective the ability lengthen, strengthen, stretch guides one towards longevity and wellbeing that can transcend everyday aches and pains. Movement keeps the body active and alive. The mental aspects of our life are shifted away from anxiety, depression, stress as the body/mind experience unfold. Clarity in the mind shifts the way life is approached. The spirit finds itself living in a larger landscape that provides purpose and hope for a life well lived.

Blue Planet LIVING! Institute offers traditional mat yoga, AIReal Yoga™ as created by Carmen Curtis, aerial yoga fusion, and aerial pilates/fitness. Each form of body movement and practice is available for individuals and groups in a community forum or private setting. Whether offered indoors or outdoors, each program brings nature guidance and support into the way we apply what we learn to our on-going life journey. Known specifically as the WAY of the AERIAL HAMMOCK(tm), the support of body/mind/spirit alignment grows in the company of assisted movement with the hammock as a partner prop.