A story emerges about BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE and Tanya Miller that extend to different ways of being and living, which invite you to live a life unlike any one before. Discover aspects of the place, the person, the people, and the movements that culminate in this vision of planetary resiliency, joy, and tranquility.


Explore BLUE PLANET LIVING INSTITUTE’s background to becoming the place for on-going learning about embodied living infused with nature™.



Find out who BPLI founder, Tanya Miller, has become through a lifetime of living with a connection to Nature. And, what might be possible for your own life through this connection.



Become familiar with others (the Human and the More-than-Human World) that are a part of the BPLI collective.



Uncover the purpose behind BPLI and Tanya Miller’s passion for living a nature-connected life. From the development of an Earth-based research design, to supporting the flourishing of sustainable life systems, to finding partnership in an aerial hammock, learning about the MOVEMENTS illuminates the contributions BPLI and Tanya Miller are making to causes greater than themselves.